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Our services


It refers to the rules and practices involved in resolving disputes in the court system. The term is related to lawsuit or case. We are conducting litigations before courts of different hierarchies (courts of first instance and appellate courts) all across Bangladesh in various matters including both civil and criminal in nature. Court cases in Bangladesh can be time consuming and expensive but effective legal service in court by Barristers and Advocates from Rahman & Sikder Associates would certainly be very effective for you.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR):

ADR includes dispute resolution processes and techniques that act as a means for disagreeing parties to come to an agreement short of litigation. It is a collective term for the ways that parties can settle disputes, with or without the help of a third party. ADR is the most effective means of resolving dispute beyond the court. We always advise our clients to consider ADR option seriously before going to court or commencing arbitration.

Commercial law

It is the body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. Commercial law includes within its compass such as bill of lading, letter of credit, principal and agent; carriage by land and sea; merchant shipping; guarantee; marine, fire, life, and accident insurance; bills of exchange and partnership. It can be understood to regulate corporate contracts, hiring practices, and the manufacture and sales of consumer goods. We provide day to day advice/legal opinion and documentation for various kinds of businesses for different corporate and individual businessmen.

Contract Law

A contract is an agreement having a lawful object entered into voluntarily by two or more parties, each of whom intends to create one or more legal obligations between them. We draft various kinds of contracts, MOU etc. and provide legal opinion and conduct contractual negotiations between the parties. We have developed expertise in preparing contracts of almost every kinds ranging from simple sale or service contracts to land purchase contract.

Company matter

Our common areas of work are registration of companies, joint-venture companies in Bangladesh, obtain necessary licences (VAT registration, Trade license, Import & Export licence etc). We provide legal opinion on different company matters (such as Voluntary and Involuntary Winding-Up, Minority protection, Bankruptcy, Merger and Acquisition) and drafting of company secretarial documents (notice, board resolution, AGM, EGM, Board Meetings etc). We conduct legal due diligence, listing of companies in the stock exchanges and also conversion of private companies into public.

Labour and employment law

Labour and employment law regulate the relationship between workers (employees), employers, trade unions and the government. We deal with labour and employment related laws where we advise and appear in cases for both employees and employers. We prepare employment/service contacts, HR manuals, Codes of conducts, different company policies for employees etc.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property laws grant certain exclusive rights to its owners. Some common types of intellectual property rights (IPR) are trademarks, copyright, patents, and industrial design rights; and in some jurisdictions trade secrets. Intellectual property rights are themselves a form of property which is called intangible property. We provide services such as IP registration, legal opinion on Intellectual property rights and provide assistance in pursuing infringement claims.

Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment involves participation in joint-venture, management, transfer of technology and expertise. It plays a key role in a developing country like Bangladesh. We provide all kinds of legal services related to foreign investments in Bangladesh such as: incorporation on foreign and joint venture companies, setting up Liaison and Branch Office of foreign companies along with assisting the clients for Board of Investment (BOI) related matters, obtaining work permit etc.

Telecommunication law

We provide services to the new entrants and incumbent telecommunications operators, regulators, equipment suppliers, service providers and users on a wide range of legal and regulatory issues.

Land law

We provide land related services such as vetting of property documents, registration of lands, mortgage, verification of genuineness and authenticity of land documents, legal advice on partition, sale and purchase of land, gift/heba, mutation etc.

Family law

Family law is an area of the law which deals with family matters and domestic relations, including: marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, child abuse and child abduction etc. We currently deal with family law matters like marriage, divorce, dower and maintenance, cross religious marriages, marriage between different nationalities, succession, inheritance, partition and distribution of inherited properties, matrimonial disputes, child adoption, custody and guardianship of child, conversion of religion etc.

Criminal law

Criminal law regulates social conduct and prescribes whatever is threatening, harmful, or otherwise endangering to the property, health, safety, and moral welfare of people. It includes the punishment of people who violate these laws. We conduct various kinds of criminal cases on behalf of the accused and the victim at the trial courts and also in different appellate courts in Bangladesh.

Human Rights law

Human Rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which all human beings are entitled, like civil and political rights, the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and speech/expression, equality before the law, social, cultural and economic rights, the right to food, the right to work, and the right to education. In short, human rights are freedoms established by custom or international agreement that protect the interests of humans and the conduct of governments in every nation. We are very keen in protecting the human rights and ensuring discrimination free environment. Other than being professionally involved in different matters for different organizations, almost every lawyers of our chamber is involved in some sorts of social works in these respects.

Securities and Foreign Exchange law

We currently deal with securities law, private-public conversion, due diligence of company, preparing prospectus for IPO and doing all other legal tasks for listing of a company in the stock exchange and provide continued support thereafter.

Construction law

Construction law law deals with issues relating to building construction, engineering and related fields. Construction law covers a wide range of legal issues including contract, negligence, bonds and bonding, guarantees and sureties, liens and other security interests, tendering, construction claims, and related consultancy contracts. We are currently dealing with construction related laws and providing legal opinion and necessary drafting of legal and para-legal documents. We have worked with some renowned developers of the country in terms of commercial, official, residential, industrial construction and also with construction of transport infrastructure.


Rahman & Sikder Associates advises immigration law issues and helps people who intend to immigrate to Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Admiralty or Maritime law

Admiralty law or maritime law is a distinct body of law which governs maritime questions and offenses. It is a body of both domestic law governing maritime activities, and private international law governing the relationships between private entities that operate vessels on the oceans. Admiralty or maritime suits are filed in the High Court Division of Supreme Court of Bangladesh under the Original Jurisdiction of the High Court Division.

Our lawyers work in admiralty matters/ disputes and can file suits or represent any party to an Admiralty Suit.


We file tax return for individuals and companies and their directors and shareholders and obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN). We also provide necessary opinion on income tax, VAT and customs tax and tax rebate matters. We appear before various tax tribunals.