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Rahman & Sikder Associatesis encourages entrance to the profession by providing training and pupillage. The training programme at the firm enables a newly called Barrister or Advocate to quickly learn the practical aspects of the profession and to acquire skills that will help him or her become a successful lawyer.

Successful candidates will find themselves involved in challenging cases with complex issues from the outset. The firm expects the highest standard of lawyer, all of the firm’s Associates either being former trainees or undertaken training during a period of probation. Rahman & Sikder Associatesis is looking for intelligent and dynamic trainees who are quick to adapt yet remain organised in managing their time.

For those barristers or advocates who meet the requirements, are committed to hard work and persevering in the profession, please email your CV to the address found on the Contact page.

Entry Requirements

Degree: L.L.B, First or Higher Second Class (Preferred)

Postgraduate: BPTC, Outstanding or Very Competent(Preferred), L.L.M, Distinction or Merit(Preferred)

Training Programme

The Training programme lasts for 12 months or such other period required by the trainee to attain advocacy rights at the District or High Court bar. The programme is supervised in the following way:
  • First three months, the trainee will undertake training in legal research, client care and practice methods;

  • Following nine months, the trainee will assist the firm’s lawyers in various practice areas.